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Published on 19/08/2023

Objectives of the Library

Books are for use;
Every Reader his/her Book;
Every Book its Reader;
Save the time of the user/staff;
Library is a growing organisation.

The college has developed an e-library where the students are provided easy access to e-learning in the form of audio-video lectures, e-books etc. For the purpose various video lectures have been uploaded on the college website and www.gurukpo.com. The library also has DELNET membership for accessing journals, research papers, books and articles.

The library is an outstanding learning resource which caters the intellectual needs and provides ample information to the students, faculty and researchers. Biyani Central library has the distinction of being the fully automated college library in the state of Rajasthan.

Biyani College flaunts a central library which happens to be the primary source of extended/additional knowledge providing specific course related materials or resources required for research/study for both students and faculty members. One can get access to a plethora of print as well as digital material – covering various streams and courses taught in the curriculum. The library also provides resources beyond the regular educational material keeping student interest in mind. Be it academic or research needs for students and staff members, central library houses a large number of hand-picked books, magazines, journals, writing software, news bulletins in addition to workshops conducted on several relevant and advanced topics for imparting more knowledge to individuals.

The library aims to integrate the information support system with the educational activities in all possible ways and to leap forward to the expectations of the academic community of our institution and also to those who resort to our library resources from other academic and R & D institutions. 

Library staffs are committed to serve the best of library service for the students and faculties. 

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